WATERMEDYIN Second Steering Committee

07 June 2021

The second Steering Committee of WaterMedyin project is taking place today, online. The project Partners will discuss the progress of the action, as well as the ongoing and future activities.

Having started in 2020, the project execution falls entirely during the Covid-19 pandemic, after a huge adaptation effort. Nevertheless, the results are really encouraging.

This meeting is taking place 7 months after the first one, in order to: 

• Draft a balance on the constraints and achievements of the implementation phase 

• Reconsider the activities to go, and related allocation of resources

• Reconsider the timeextension of the project 

Click HERE ( for more information and to download the agenda. 

WaterMedyin Project is financed by the #ItalianCooperation and implemented by #CIHEAMBari.