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Kick-off meeting of IR2MA Timer - Water & Soil Management Interreg V-A Greece-Italy project

17 May 2018

CIHEAM Bari is partner of IR2MA Timer - Water & Soil Management Interreg V-A Greece-Italy project.

Below some pictures of Kickoff meeting held on May 14th at Arta GREECE, a technical meeting and presentation to local stakeholder.

IR2MA Timer - Water & Soil Management project capitalizes the results of the previous project IRMA, already funded during the 2007-2013 Programming Period: the application of a common decision support system (DSS) for water management will protect water both in qualitative and quantitative terms.

The main objectives of IR2MA are 
a) to extent the network of knowledge and expertise exchange that was created in the framework of ETCP GR-IT 2007-13 IRMA project and promotes demand-driven capitalization of scientific knowledge and good practices regarding irrigation and drainage and their nexus with receiving aquatic ecosystems; 
b) to capitalize results from IRMA project in order to improve, extend, support and promote efficient irrigation-drainage management approaches and integrated tools in various levels (from central participatory system down to end-user) in order to rationalize the volume of water that is consumed for irrigation and the volume of drainage that is leached and 
c) to develop and promote practical recommendations regarding the use of recycled water.

The project adopts the applied research activities approach that focused on the use of recycled water (from various sources) for irrigation of crops. A practice of great interest which is expected to become wider in the very near future, in order to save good quality fresh water for other uses and to reduce contaminant loads from being directly discharged to aquatic receivers. 

Moreover, the project includes the communication activities (service points, seminars, demonstration sites etc.) in order to contribute to public consciousness building regarding water and professionals training regarding strategies and methods for efficient irrigation-drainage management and protection of receiving aquatic ecosystems.