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CIHEAM Bari Documentation Centre Newsletter No. 4/2019 (July/August)

09 October 2019

The issue No. 4 (July/August) of CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter has been released.

In this issue, focus on: "The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the world 2019 - SOFI 2019. Safeguarding against economic slowdowns and downturns", the book of the month by FAO.

In press review, focus on: “The World of Organic Agriculture: statistics and emerging trends 2019” by FiBL. New releases and special section in CIHEAM Bari Library dedicate to “Hatef Hamdy Book Collection”.

Latest additions to the library’s collection of books and articles: CIHEAM Bari Organic Agriculture Library and CIHEAM Bari library. FAO Repository Library: new releases. 

CIHEAM Bari Library Newsletter No. 4 (July/August)​