Since its establishment in 1962, CIHEAM Bari has carried out hundreds of projects and activities of technical assistance, institutional strengthening, capacity building, post-emergency, multilateral cooperation and research both in the Mediterranean countries and in several other regions of the world.

Its cooperation activities, once focused only on topics related to its main sectors of activity (water management, integrated management of crops, organic agriculture), have progressively grown over the years. At present, actions are tightly linked to the themes which make up the CIHEAM Strategic Agenda 2025, namely:

  • Food and nutrition security, Mediterranean diet, sustainable food systems
  • Climate change and natural resources management
  • Improving agricultural production and agroprocessing
  • Development of rural and coastal areas
  • Sustainable fisheries and aquaculture
  • Women Economic Empowerment
  • Post-emergency actions

Thanks to its activities in these sectors, CIHEAM-Bari has developed tangible approaches and solutions, built on technical-scientific bases consolidated through a peculiar modus operandi.


Actions are mainly designed to promote institutional strengthening and capacity building, both at country and regional level, in order to match the needs of third countries with the goals of national and international donors.

CIHEAM Bari initiatives are complementary and synergic and respect the development priorities of each Country.

CIHEAM Bari modus operandi includes a participatory bottom-up-bottom methodology, which is inclusive and integrated and aims at launching public-private partnerships.  

In particular, the methods of intervention may be grouped in three main axes.


The needs and requirements at local level are collected and structured thanks to the contribution of national experts. These needs represent the starting point for the activities of technical assistance whose goal is to propose sustainable solutions  compatible with the local development processes and respectful of the socio-cultural peculiarities of the area concerned.  

Most actions carried out by CIHEAM Bari promote the diversity of Italian technical, scientific partnerships which are based on the experience of Authorities, Research Agencies, national professional Associations and Federations, Cooperatives, small enterprises, etc.

Whenever needed, international experts and institutions are also involved especially partners from the countries of the Mediterranean south shore in order to  ensure the dialogue in the region and the promotion and exchange of experience and best practices.

This  modus operandi enhances the role of CIHEAM Bari as catalyst of development, thanks to the involvement of players who may guarantee the economic sustainability of assistance actions.


Networking activities promoted by CIHEAM Bari involve scientific and institutional actors; they team up hundreds of individuals in several countries and allow to consolidate cross-sectoral bilateral and multilateral contacts and relations. Thanks to the information, knowledge, expertise and relations of these networks, CIHEAM Bari may suggest expert orientation in the international high-level fora (such as the Annual Conference of the Mediterranean Ministers of Agriculture).

The themes of networking activities are: improving structural interventions; collection/updating of data and statistics; legislative harmonization with international standards; high-level training of executives, officials and trainees; setting up of task forces for specific issues.

The “Mediterranean Organic Agriculture Network”- MOAN is an example of institutional network; it was launched more than 10 years ago in support of organic agriculture.


The needs identified in the third countries represent the ground on which CIHEAM Bari works out research priorities which are then developed at local level in line with the international research system. This approach results from the exchange between researchers and extension officers through a dialogue facilitated by the human resources of CIHEAM Bari. On top of it, other actors (producers, consumers, etc.) are involved and contribute to the identification of possible solutions.

CIHEAM Bari aggregates multidisciplinary scientific skills; it initiates concerted actions in the form of South-South-North networks (and sometimes networks of networks) that are instrumental for the identification of funding channels. Research groups involved take the lead in their sector and are selected on the basis of their ability to understand the territory, adapt and interact proactively with different stakeholders.


Cooperation activities of CIHEAM Bari are funded by several Agencies such as:

Italian funds

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MAECI)
  • Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry Policies
  • Ministry of the Environment, Land and Sea Protection
  • Ministry of Labour and social policies
  • Ministry of Education, University and Research
  • Italian Regions, in particular Regione Puglia
  • Public agencies (ISMEA, UNIONCAMERE, ..)

European Union

  • DG Research
  • Territorial cooperation (ENPI, INTERREG Italy-Greece, MED, SEE, IPA)  

Other countries

  • English cooperation (Department For International Development - DFID)
  • German cooperation
  • Swiss cooperation

Funds from CIHEAM countries

UN agencies

International Development Banks


In this context, CIHEAM Bari acts as implementing agency and facilitates dialogue between beneficiaries and donors. Furthermore, through the technical assistance provided by  CIHEAM Bari, agencies and institutions of third countries may be eligible as lead partners or partners in European and international calls.

Among cooperation activities, mention shall be made of the fruitful collaboration with MAECI and Italian Cooperation.

CIHEAM Bari participates as lead partner or partner in several EU calls (ENPI, CBC MED, DEVCO, IPA, INTERREG, etc.) or of other donors; it benefits from direct funding as voluntary contributions, and operates on the basis of third countries funds, debt swap funds and develops technical assistance  within aid credit lines.

CIHEAM Bari has obtained the ISO/IEC 27001:06 certification for the Information Security Management System (ISMS). In the framework of diversified financial and accounting systems, CIHEAM Bari activates capacity building actions for the training of officers in third countries for the  management of reporting and accounting programmes.


CIHEAM Bari avails of a multicultural and multilingual human capital. Human resources come from the world of research and/or training. It often happens that young experts who attended training courses delivered by CIHEAM Bari become consultants or coordinators of cooperation initiatives at local level. This increases the efficiency in  the implementation of technical assistance.  

International cooperation requires increasingly skillful experts with a strong background, social abilities and flexibility. For this reason, cooperation activities of CIHEAM Bari are carried out by both permanent staff and consultants, the latter included in a roster that guarantees  flexibility with a problem-solving approach. The roster is open to different skills; CVs may be added online to the following link: http://cviamb.iamb.it/