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Who we are

Former Trainees Network (FTN) is the Alumni Network of CIHEAM-Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Bari. The FTN Network is a Mediterranean welcoming; collaborative; helpful; well-connected and well-informed; multicultural and Multilingual; full academic spirit; action-oriented; a good friend and an efficient communicator.

It is aimed to build a Mediterranean Communities of Practices (CoPs) through Information sharing, Knowledge generation, Exchange, Communication, and Dissemination.

With 16.000 Community members and about 10.000 former students (57 countries: 20 from Mediterranean area and 37 across the world), the Former Trainees Network (FTN) is the hub that connects all alumni to CIHEAM-Bari and to each other. The FTN connects thousands of alumni via communication vehicles (e.g. info letters, newsletters, forum, Flash News, etc.).

What we do

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    Dr. Noureddin Driouech (PhD)
    Coordinator of CIHEAM Bari Alumni Network (FTN)

    +39 080 4606203

    +39 080 4606267

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