CIHEAM Bari has been providing constant support to doctoral studies since 1991 through the:

  • joint supervision by academics and CIHEAM Bari researchers;
  • use of research infrastructures, i.e. laboratories, equipment, experimental fields etc.;
  • full or partial scholarship granted to its Ph.D. students upon specific agreements signed with the universities;
  • publication in scientific journals and reviews

From 1991 to date, 123 young researchers (75 males and 48 females) from 21 countries have successfully completed their Ph.D. studies in collaboration with CIHEAM BARI, mainly in the leading Italian and European universities.

Furthermore, the monitoring of our former Ph.D. students has highlighted a dramatic increase in the employability rate in their countries of origin and in their field of specialization.

This corroborates CIHEAM Bari’s strong commitment to pursue support to doctoral studies to foster capacity building and scientific excellence.