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Strategies for more sustainable food systems in the Mediterranean region (Palermo, 15-17 May 2019) - Conference report published

14 May 2020

The report presents the results, the conceptual notes, the abstracts and thesummaries of the 18 thematic sessions through which was articulated the Palermo (Italy) conference on the revitalization of the Mediterranean diet (15-17 May 2019).

Its aim is to provide a better understanding of the Conference’s scope to continue strengthening, with a science-based approach, the dialogue between North and South Mediterranean countries towards more sustainable food systems, by linking food security and nutrition to sustainability for coping with multiple interdependent challenges facing today the region.

In this report there is also an annex in which are presented the outcome of the 4 web-dialogues, organized by CIHEAM Bari in collaboration with FAO and UfMS, from 22 October to 29 November 2019, with the purpose to continue the participatory discussion process started at the Palermo Conference on the co-development of a multistakeholder sustinable food systems platform in the Mediterranean, as a collaborative effort.

 Conference report