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Presented today at CIHEAM Bari the renewed edition of “New Medit”, the OPEN ACCESS quarterly review published on behalf of CIHEAM Bari

15 May 2018

NEW website:, redesigned editorial formula and layout, Editorial Office: Bononia University Press, NEW Editorial Board and Advisory Board composed by experienced researchers in the field of Mediterranean issues and by representatives of international Bodies and Organizations linked to the Mediterranean area, and…the same aim, attuned to CIHEAM’s mission, to provide through this journal a forum for Mediterranean scientists in order to discuss topics and themes linked to the activities carried out by our Institute.

The thematic scope of the renewed Journal is enlarged in order to include crucial issues that are at the hearth of Mediterranean sustainable development and in line with the objectives identified within the UN 2030 Agenda and CIHEAM Agenda CAPMED 2025, such as women empowerment, coastal areas development, vulnerable communities, youth and entrepreneurship, in order to provide answers to the needs of Mediterranean local communities.

Furthermore, in line with the statutory mission of CIHEAM Bari, which encompasses higher education, research and cooperation, this Journal would like to give voice to territorial requirements so as to identify and propose tangible solutions matching local specificities as well as regional and global complexities. Information and the level of knowledge on the problems affecting the Mediterranean countries are in fact a fundamental element to start a process of development and integration.