Follow-up of the 1st “Euro-MedHackathon on Eco-Efficiency in the Agro-Food Chain”: Partecipation of MedSpring to Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit

04 May 2017

Seeds&Chips Global Food Innovation Summit - May 8-11, 2017 | Milano, Italy - is one of the top food innovation events worldwide. It's dedicated to showcasing national and international talent and cutting-edge solutions from around the world.

MedSpring – Mediterranean Science, Policy, Research and Innovation Gateway – is a joint project of EU Member States and Mediterranean Partner Countries in the Middle East and North Africa, funded by the European Commission under its 7th Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development, coordinated by CIHEAM Bari. The Project main objective is to contribute to the quality of the Euro-Mediterranean research area, with a particular focus on the bi-regional Euro-Mediterranean S&T cooperation, research & innovation, policy dialogue.

In the frame of its activities, the 1st “Euro-MedHackathon on Eco-Efficiency in the Agro-Food Chain” has successfully taken place in Amman (Jordan) on 14th-15th December 2016, with the aim to develop novel ideas in the field of agro-food chain sustainability (from farm to fork).

The event concluded with the awarding of three winning teams, that were invited to participate to Seeds&Chips event in Milan:

the 1st group "WeEcoNitro" developed and patented a process for producing nitrate in a water solution, resulting in cleaner, less expensive production and a more natural fertilizer for plants. The water-based Nitrate Production System (NPS) requires only modest amounts of power, which can be supplied by solar panels. The production of fertilizer could occur in self-contained, self-operated units that could be purchased affordably by individual farmers;

the 2nd group "ToolsforFood" designed a pilot unit able to remove pesticides (or other pollutants) from soil solution, by using nanomaterial, coupled with a control system able to measure solution's chemical parameters;

The 3rd group "Bee&You" develops new products from natural bee products such as royal jelly, pollen, honey and most importantly propolis through a revolutionary production process. All these naturally healthy products are biologically active and standardized.