Conditions for admission

For applicants to have access to our Master/Master of Science Programmes, at least one of the following requirements shall be fulfilled:

1. An undergraduate degree of minimum four academic years;

2. An academic level that qualifies applicants to undertake postgraduate level studies in their home country;

3. A minimum of 240 ECTSor itsequivalent in the home country.

Knowledge of English language - Intermediate level.


How to apply

Candidates shall submit the Application Form duly filled out and include the required supporting documents.

Applications are to be sent to the following email address:

Opening date of the applications 2017/2018: 1 April 2017

Closing date of the applications 2017/2018: 31 May 2017

Selection process

Selection is made on the basis of the applications submitted individually or through CIHEAM Member Countries Delegates / reference persons. It takes into account the admission requirements, the academic results and the professional experience acquired in the chosen field of specialisation. 
A given number of preselected candidates are interviewed by Skype in order to evaluate their motivations and knowledge of the English language. The final selection is done by the course coordinators in agreement with the Direction. Candidates are notified of their admission status, within the end of July.  


Applicants who have been admitted to a Master Programme at CIHEAM Bari, receive a "Letter of Acceptance" and enter a ranking list including the type of scholarship they will be granted. 

Beneficiaries and Scholarships

CIHEAM Bari programmes are open to candidates of any nationality. Priority is given to applicants from Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Countries. In particular, courses are addressed to:

  • graduate students;
  • young researchers;
  • extension agents;
  • civil servants;
  • professionals in agriculture and rural development.

A given number of residential full scholarships is granted every year to candidates coming from CIHEAM Member countries and other Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern countries whose applications rank first in the selection process.
Full scholarship covers: registration fees (200€/year), tuition fees (500€/month), travel expenses from and to the country of origin, board and lodging in the students’ residence, insurance and medical assistance, pocket money (170€/month). 

Other candidates are admitted with a partial scholarship covering tuition fees and accommodation as long as rooms in the campus residence are available.

Full or partial scholarships are assigned according to a ranking list.

Candidates can apply for scholarships in the application form. 
Students from non-priority countries who are interested in CIHEAM Bari courses are anyhow allowed to participate at their own expense or through other sources of financing (governments or other bodies).


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