The learning methodology applied by CIHEAM Bari in E-learning has always taken into account the type of interaction among different actors of the learning process, thereby favouring a “collaborative-constructivist” approach. This approach, mostly applied to adults, has often allowed the development of “peer learning” contexts for “responsible” learning, as is the case in the “Communities of practice” (CoP).

Important studies indicate the “sense of belonging” as the ideal condition of learning. Therefore CIHEAM Bari seeks to create the conditions for “Inclusive Learning Environment” (ILE) and cognitive ergonomy, by promoting a set of planned actions that, although fulfilling the key role of learning, pay particular attention to the individual needs, as well as the cultural and language levels of beneficiaries.

On the other hand, the methodology applied for RTA is mostly based on a one-directional transmissive model between teacher/expert and student/beneficiary (like face to face) supported by the very updated “live video streaming” technologies.

The tutors, who are particularly important and strategic for the learning models applied by CIHEAM Bari, in all cases, play a crucial role in mediating/promoting communication and supporting the whole training process.