E-learning and Remote Technical Assistance (RTA) are Distance Learning (DL) expressions, which are complementary and synergistic with traditional face-to-face learning and technical assistance activities that CIHEAM Bari promotes for the benefit of its partners, enhancing its multiplier effects and increasing the number of beneficiaries. The above Knowledge transfer modalities take into account both detailed context analyses (for training, social and technological purposes) and appropriate methodologies for adult learning.

The E-learning activity involves the online delivery of structured courses (usually in asynchronous mode) implemented on a specially designed platform.

The RTA consists in targeted interventions (usually short) that try to respond to “on demand” specific problems. These are info-training sessions delivered asynchronously from a web-meeting (on-air) platform and then implemented on the e-learning platform (on-line).     

The working objectives include:

- The identification of learning models suitable for social contexts and up-to-date to the new available technologies (ICTs);

- The preparation of new E-learning courses.

The areas involved include:

- The management unit, which deals with organisational and relational aspects;

- The training-project and tutoring group, which is tasked with elaborating technical and support contents;

- The information technology section that provides all technological, multimedia, information and “help desk” components.

The E-learning platform of CIHEAM Bari (el.iamb.it) is open source (Claroline) and provides a classified catalogue of courses in English, French, Arabic and Italian.

The CIHEAM Bari has launched an important collaboration activity with the FAO E-Learning Centre (www.fao.org/elearning) so as to mutually benefit the courses provided by the two institutions.​

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