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New actions to support the phytosanitary sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina for the harmonization with EU standards
// PHYTO BiH //

June 2019 - May 2022

Project Summary

This initiative represents an extension of the project "Strengthening of the phytosanitary sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in line with EU standards", completed in May 2019. It intends to support the phytosanitary system of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) through the implementation of activities on the whole territory in line with the EU integration process and its required standards. This project is in line with the local development strategies of the sector (reported in the Strategic Rural Development Plan of BiH, 2018-2021) and in agreement with the relevant European programs and reports (recommendations in the EU Commission Report 2016 for Bosnia and Herzegovina and Analytical Report 2019)
  • Contribute to the strengthening of the phytosanitary system of Bosnia and Herzegovina and its progressive alignment with the acquis Communautaire
  • Harmonization with the EU standards of the technical and organizational skills and competences of the bodies responsible for the phytosanitary diagnosis and/or phytosanitary controls and inspections (laboratories and inspection services)
  • The technical-regulatory framework on the control of quarantine bodies harmonized with EU standards;
  • The Phytosanitary Inspection Service skilled to properly perform its roles in accordance with the acquis Communautaire;
  • The laboratories responsible for the phytosanitary diagnosis and seed quality aligned to the international standards (EPPO, ISO 17025 and ISTA) in terms of equipment and certified and accredited methods and procedures;
  • The staff of the phytosanitary and seeds quality laboratories enhanced in their skills and competences to use diagnostic methodologies and protocols according to the International Standards
  • Regulatory framework harmonization
  • Technical assistance and training
  • Completion of the Project inception phase
  • Establishment of the Project office in Sarajevo and creation of the Project Management Unit
  • Organization of the Project Steering Committee Meeting and approval of the Project Overall Working Plan
  • Increase of the project visibility and communication through the realization of the project logo and Facebook page, and publication of the 1st Project Brochure and Newsletter
  • Creation of the project Inter-Institutional Working Group for the assessment of existing technical-regulatory framework and its compliance with EU standards
  • Organization of a technical Workshop on the update of technical-regulatory framework and its compliance with EU standards. 
  • Creation of a list of equipment to be acquired for the phytosanitary laboratories in BiH and start of tender procedure
  • Organization of technical visits of Italian experts
  • Participation in several public events (workshops, conferences, symposiums) and presentation of the project 
  • Completion of the 1st Project Progress Report


Source of funding : Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation/Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS)
Total budget : 1 190 000,00 €
Partners :
  • Plant Health Protection Administration (PHPA) of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations (MoFTER) - Bosnia