Matrouh Rural Sustainable Development Project

January 2014 - December 2017

Project Summary

Short description

This project aims to develop and maximize the use of natural resources in Matrouh region, and provide support for alleviation of poverty in the local communities in the project area falling within the four DRC Technical Support Units: Ras Elhekma, Marsa Matrouh, Nigella, and Sidi Barrani. The project activities will be focused on rehabilitation of some coastal desert valleys (wadis), rain water harvesting and increase water storage capacity, watershed management,  women empowerment.

Main Results

Supporting sustainable natural resources management in the dry agro-pastoral areas, improving agronomic practices to increase yields and support sustainability, providing incentives for income generating activities, improve livelihoods and socio-economic conditions of the rural Bedouin people and enhancing the role of women, improving technology transfer, research and innovation results and dissemination.

Project activities will tackle a number of aims such as recovering degraded lands, preventing erosion, enhancing water saving and harvesting, enriching soil fertility, improving crop yields, providing appropriate conditions for livestock management, alleviating poverty, boosting socio-economic conditions and gender issues within local communities.  The project also aims at enhancing local agricultural production by improving the processing and encouraging organic production  and agricultural associations.

The project strategy focuses on approaches that intend to satisfy interventions on land reclamation, introduction of sustainable technologies for better agronomic management of the field crops and orchards and sustaining the community livelihoods.


CIHEAM-Bari - Italy

Source of funding : Egypt Government Fund (FOOD AID)
Total budget : 1 500 000,00 €