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Cross-border cooperation for sustainable development and tourism, through valorization of rural cultural heritage and conservation of natural asset of areas with ancient olive groves

May 2018 - December 2020

Project Summary


The project will contribute to promoting sustainable tourism activities, conserving and protecting natural resources in areas with ancient olive trees and raising awareness of local populations about their own cultural heritage linked to traditional oliviculture, by setting up local development strategies. The Mediterranean landscape is characterized by olive groves (AOOs), as part of the ancient agricultural tradition and social environment; this is clearly true for Albania and Montenegro and for Apulia and Molise, where AOOs play an important ecological role and are one of the important drivers of the Programme Area economy, in terms of absolute value, Gross Value Added (GVA) and employment. The project assists communities living in pilot areas in the countries, to value their surroundings by producing Parish Maps and displaying them in prominent places to promote tourism by creating a proper tourist offer. Development of territories is only possible by involving local stakeholders (SHs) and by stimulating their commitment in this issue. Innovative participatory workshops entailing participatory active learning by exchanging expert and lay/tacit knowledge are organized in the 3 countries, to raise awareness on opportunities coming from tourism, environmental assets, local cultural heritage and transfer knowledge and share know-how, enabling SHs to carry on local and wider contexts’ initiatives.


The main objective of the project is to promote sustainable tourism development based on the natural asset of the landscape with Ancient Olive Orchards (AOOs). The attractiveness of such territories shall be preserved to increase and promote smart and sustainable tourism, boost sustainable rural development in the territories. Consequently, the cross-border olive project falls in the framework of the priority axis 2 smart “Management of natural and cultural heritage for the exploitation of cross-border sustainable tourism and territorial attractiveness”.


  1. Identification of areas with ancient olive orchards (AOOs)
  2. Conservation of landscape with Ancient Olive trees and orchards
  3. Development of areas with AOOs


  • Management and Financial Activities
  • Technical Activities
  • Communication Activities


BROCHURE (download here)





Source of funding : EU (InterReg IPA CBC Italy-Albania-Montenegro, 2014-2020)
Total budget : 625 440,00 €
Partners :
  • CIHEAM Bari - Italy
  • Agricultural University of Tirana - Albania
  • URI (Urban Research Institute) - Albania
  • Parco di Venafro - Italy
  • Municipality of Bar - Montenegro
  • Association for Sustainable Development - Montenegro
  • Regional Collaboration and Olive Farming VALDANOS - Montenegro