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January 2015 - December 2018

Project Summary

The General Objective of the programme is “to improve the livelihood and the resilience of the rural population through the strengthening of agricultural production with short- and medium-term interventions”.

The programme expected outcome is to support rural community’s livelihoods through increased and diversified agricultural and livestock production, improved access to services/inputs and functioning value chains. The action is actually focusing on vulnerable farmers and breeders, with the ambition to support the productive backbone of rural society which, in spite of its potential, cannot profitably continue farming because of the conflict occurrence.

To this end, the action has implemented the following development-oriented components:

  • Cost-recovery approach (Revolving Fund). The programme distributes subsidised inputs and services (fertilisers, livestock vaccines, etc.) to farmers and breeders (at 70% to 80% of actual market cost).
  • Support to the establishment of Women Economic Groups for small-scale food processing, in order to economically empower the rural women.
  • Direct remote management. Given the ongoing active conflict inside Syria, the response is characterised by remote management. The programme has established Agriculture Centres inside Syria and it employs directly Syrian staff, providing remote technical support and constant monitoring of activities.
  • Remote technical assistance. In order to ensure technical capacity (trainings and seminars) to the field staff, the programme developed a remote technical assistance system which also include an e-learning platform.

Main results

  • Improved livelihood of 18,000 farms (115,000 people)
  • Increased agriculture production by more than 10 million $
  • Over 75% of beneficiaries have increased crop productivity up to 50%
  • Improved Farming System by diversification of production systems
  • Increased significantly the number of animals in the programme areas
  • Decreased local market price for wheat and meat

Whit all its actions, the programme has actively contributed to several Sustainable Development Goals: SDG1, SDG2, SDG5 and SDG8






CIHEAM-Bari - Italy

Source of funding : Italian Cooperation (MAECI/AICS)
Total budget : 3 158 871,00 €